Friday, January 15, 2010

"No one's going to sue a charity organisation!"

My first feature article, produced for my Print Journalism degree at UCT.

Sax Appeal. The name is likely to send most modest, God-fearing Cape Tonian folk indoors with a shudder and a vow not to set foot back outside until the sun sets. For undergraduate students at the University of Cape Town, however, the annual Sax Appeal is an excuse to dress badly (for the guys) and skankily (for the girls) and take to the streets in a display of jaywalking that literally stops traffic and causes many early risers to be late for work. In February each year, thousands of students contribute to the approximate R500 000 raised by UCT’s RAG (Remember and Give) organisation through the street sale of this politically incorrect, satirical and often irreverent student publication. In doing so, probably unbeknownst to them, they make up the majority of the funds donated by RAG to SHAWCO (the Student Health And Welfare Centres Organisation), its sole beneficiary.

A hundred kilometres from nowhere

This is the first section of my English Honours Dissertation. It was my first experiment in creative writing.

There is a harsh beauty about the landscape of the Karoo that inspires both awe and revulsion. At sunset, the disparity between the softening sky and the comical dwarf bushes is thrown into relief, and remnants of decades’ worth of broken bottles littering the side of the road sparkle in the dying sun. Minutes later, a shrouding darkness falls to obscure the view of what my mother calls “God’s own country” from any weary travellers foolish enough still to be on the road.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The beginning

So begins the attempt to organise my portfolio into something user-friendly (instead of the haphazard folder of clippings that currently exists).

Friends, relatives, strangers and potential employers alike, I hope you will enjoy browsing through this archive of my work over the past five years. From my articles in VARSITY newspaper to my features produced for my degree to my work for the Standard Bank Gallery and my own private ramblings, I hope there will be something for everyone.